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How to Install

Visit our marketplace and purchase a fishing area kit: [Red Buoy 20% Tax] or [Blue Buoy 10% Tax] or [Yellow Buoy No Tax].

When the item is delivered, look for buoy in your received folder in inventory. Rez the buoy in a desired location. You can use LL water or prim water or use any custom design you like.

Buoy requires to take L$ permission for funding. Please grant L$ permission. The buoys never take L$ from your account until you decide to increase buoy budget.

Touch the buoy and add funds. Buoy requires at least L$ 7 for publishing on our website.

The buoy is ready and your land should be published on our [Lands] page. Now fishers can fish while visiting your land.

About Buoys & Bait Vendors

When the buoy is out of funds it will become inactive until you decide to add funds.

Buoy have idle state. When you click [Active] button in buoy menu it will enter idle state. Location of the buoy removed from lands page and fishers can't fish from buoy until you activate it again. For reactivation you need touch buoy and click [Inactive] button.

Every buoy have its own L$ balance. Please don't delete buoy if you need move. Take buoy to your inventory and rez it in desired place.

Bait vendor requires a active buoy while setting up and buoy budget must be minimal 40L$ and provides 20% commission from each bait sale.

Terms of Service

Updated Terms of Service page can be found here Fun Games Terms of Service.