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Virtual Farming Guide

What is a Virtual Farm

Virtual Farm an optional system for breeding and crafting supplies for our Virtual Fishing game.

It's not necessary to have a farm for playing Virtual Fishing game.

Farmers can produce their own worms via Virtual Farms and have the choice of keeping the worms for fishing or selling the worms for profit.

The game also includes a alchemy system (referred as Virtual Alchemy) which allows crafting potions.

Game Mechanics

How much profit should I expect from farms ?

You can keep your baits for fishing and make more profit also you can obtain resoruces for alchemy game. However if you decide sell your baits and resources directly:

Resources (mushroom and wildflower used in potion crafting) only available when you collect you worms. If you decide sell your worms you can't gather any resources from farm.

Small worm farms produces 2x random resource, medium worm farm produce 4x random resources and super worm farms produce 8x random resources.

Every farm comes with 2x breeding pack.

Every farm gives 1 point and 100 worms after harvest regardless type of farm.

Farms are reusable and requires breeding pack to start each time harvested.

For additional breeding packs you can visit our [SIM]. Small breeding pack costs L$5. Medium breeding pack costs L$20. Super breeding pack costs L$30.

Land owner tax for bait sales (20%) won't affect farmers.

For a starter small worm farm neccesary. If you have more than 910 points you can get a medium worm farm. After reaching 1820 or more points you can get a super worm farm which gives more profit daily.

If production speed faster than sales, system will increase worm production duration. However profit rate stays same.

Farm sales limited with worm sales rate. If production rate covering sales rate, farms sales temporarly halts until system increases bait sales.

While farm income is always fixed production time can be changed according weekly bait sale statistics. You can track bait sale statistics in [Information] page.

Every avatar limited with max 10 farm purchases (each type of farm) for fair challenge.

Small worm farms costs L$1280, medium worm farm costs L$4010 and super worm farm costs L$5830.

All farms set to transfer due SL permission system. However transferring a farm to another resident will disable farm.

How to Start

Visit our [SIM] to buy a small worm farm.

When the item is delivered, look for them in your "Virtual Farming - Small Worm Farm" folder in inventory. You need to rez the farm in your parcel.

Farms comes with two additional breeding pack bags. Rez your breeding pack bag and click on it. After unpacking our breeding pack bag we are ready for breeding. You can delete breeding pack bag after use. For additional breeding pack purchases you can always visit our [SIM].

Click on your farm and click [Start] from menu. Farm will start breeding process.

After breeding time is over you can gather worms and resources by clicking farm again. You can sell or keep your worms.

Resources can be used at Virtual Alchemy. Please keep reading for detailed information about Virtual Alchemy.

Virtual Alchemy System

Virtual Alchemy is a optional system used for crafting potions. Resources collected in virtual farming can be used to create potions.

Ingredients required for potions listed below.

You will need alchemy desk to create potions. Virtual Alchemy desk available at our [SIM].

Each potion requires a catalyst you can purchase catalyst at alchemy room.

Potions crated via Virtual Alchemy transferable. Crafter can sell it or use it.

Haste potion used in Virtual Fishing increases cast speed 20% for every cast. Comes with 10 charges.

Mentor potion used in Virtual Fishing increases point gain by 1 points after every cast. Comes with 10 charges.

Terms of Service

Updated Terms of Service page can be found here [Fun Games Terms of Service].