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5 fun facts about the F.I.S.H. Group

caycee kinsella posted on 13th Jul 2015 12:37:32

1) F.I.S.H. was formed originally as a "clan" group in another fishing game long ago. When the F.I.S.H. members were unfairly stripped of their rights to have individual freedom and choice in SL., a great majority moved the with the F.I.S.H. group to Virtual Fishing.
2) Since then, VF has grown amazingly and we as F.I.S.H. members feel proud that at least some of that was us ;-)
3) We have grown to a great amount of members now and we provide each of them a wonderful experience in fishing. From parties and multis to individual attention, help and reassurance.
4) F.I.S.H. Friends goal has never been to advertise anything else but give back to fellow SL citizens through fishing.
5) And last but definitely not least..we thank our wonderful friend Tatiana for allowing us this amazing opportunity. Huuugs, we love you :-

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