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SoutH of HeaveN is here too :)

cnkb resident posted on 30th Jun 2015 14:34:38


I am Christine, owner of Forbidden Passion aka SoutH of HeaveN.

I have 3 VF buoys most of you will know 2 lol.

I host events a lot lol and i know you all hate events right lol

Just a few little things.

1: My sim has a scripts guard, it will warn and eject any resident over 150 scripts on their avi.

2: my sim is limited to 70 agents to reduce lagg further.

3: you have to join group to fish, you can't fly and taking a poo in the water is also not allowed :P

Rest is just having fun.

My newly build Enchanted forest is almost done, so take a look :)))


ENJOY Fishing!!!

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