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Game Rules & Detailed Information

Step by Step How to Fish

Use the following link to buy a fishing kit: [Marketplace].

When the item is delivered, look for them in your received folder in inventory. You need to wear the rod and the HUD.

Follow the following [Lands] page to find a list of available fishing spots and running events. Click one of the lands and it will offer to teleport you to that location.

When you are at the fishing location, find the buoy. You will have to stay close (20 meters) to the buoy or you will not be able to fish. Once close to the buoy, click the [Cast out] button on your HUD and wait until you have caught a fish. The HUD will update and local chat will indicate when you have caught a fish.

After fishing, if you have reached L$1 or more, you can withdraw your earnings by clicking the [Withdraw] button on your HUD.

This should be enough for you to get the feeling of the game. For more details and advanced features, please keep reading.

Ranking System and Fish Values

Ranking have bonus earning reward. The actual formula for calculating the bonus is: Bonus = Fish Value / Rank. Example: For 1st player bonus is same with fish value. For the 2nd player the reward is half of the fish price. For the 3rd player, it is one-third of the fish price.

Ranking unlocks rare fishes for top 10 and top 5.

For fair challange, every fisher limited with maximum 40 fishes from same buoy and 160 fishes from same SIM. Stats resets at 00.00 SL time every day.

There are 3 types of baits available small worms (60 second casting time) / medium worms (45 second casting time) / super worms (30 second casting time).

It is possible to fish without worms but it takes 240 seconds for each cast.

Legendary fishes is a cumulative pot collects L$ 0.005 from every cast and when certain amount reached a random fisher have a chance to claim this reward (collected L$ wont affect fishers earnings its collected from buoys) at the 1600 cast chance 100%.

You can track status of legendary fishes at our [Lands] / [Top 100] / [Weekly contest] pages.

Terms of Service

Updated Terms of Service page can be found here [Fun Games Terms of Service].